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of the american f-15 that crash landed. the two-man crew ejected. u.s. officials say they are fine. >> one crew member was recovered by coalition forces and the other crew member was recovered by the people of libya. >> the landed in eastern libya an area in control of rebel forces. the plane went down because of mechanical problems, it was not shot down. even though coalition forces have all but destroyed libyan [unintelligible] >> democracy can be imposed from the outside. it must -- cannot be imposed from the outside. it must spring from within. >> the libyan government claims forces are doing more harm to the libyan people than good. >> many civilians were killed last night so what is happening is the british government is killing more civilians to protect civilians. >> how does robert gates feel about that? >> it is almost as though some people here are taking at face the liu gaddafi's claims which are outright lies. >> a short time ago gaddafi told a crowd of reporters his resilience and not afraid of the coalition bombs. >> a former lulu lemon employee is talking to us about the bethes
serious. more than 10,000 people are dead missing.0 are rebecca cooper joins us live in a newsroom with the latest. >> japanese officials insist evacuate aneed to larger area surrounding the plant. they are telling people they are safe if they stay inside. new worries are contributing to crisis of confidence. the country's prime minister living nearo those plant, acknowledging the losses businesses face. the prime minister said the condition of the plant any optimism yet. for the first time, officials e might be a leak coming from the core of reactor three. >> for the first time they are d breach.t wor asall work has been stopped are stopped.els two workers remain hospitalized burns.diation many japanese residents say there is a loss of confidence. >> government reaction is too late. >> across the northeast coast there are basic needs to be met. residents to chop wood to try to cold.ff the those who survived the storm are their 14th day without electricity or food. >> this is very important for us. warm clothing, it is snowing. >> chinese officials announced o tourists arriving fro
. >> in an overwhelming majority, the u.s. supreme court has ruled that a fundamentalist churches with anti-gay messages that protests outside military generals arc -- military funerals are protected under the first amendment. snyder died in a non-combat related vehicle accident in iraq. they picketed outside his md. funeral in 2006. the marines father reacted to the high court's decision. >> we found out today that we can no longer bury our dead in the cemetery with dignity. >> the kansas based church has protested outside hundreds of military funerals. he filed a lawsuit accusing the church of the intensely inflicting emotional distress. the marines father initially won a multimillion-dollar settlement, which was brought out on appeal. the lawyer for the church said, that they expected this outcome. >> this is a victory for the first amendment. >> his father showed frustration that the supreme court's will never have to deal with what many grieving military families will now face in the future. >> these justices do not have to worry about this because the westboro baptist church will never get anywher
. richard reeve joins us live from mount vernon. >> it was in these woods back in january of 2000 that a young woman was raped, an 18 year-old woman forced against her will at knifepoint. in alexandria, relief that the man in this sketch known as the east coast. this is now under arrest. >> we are happy because they got him. >> they have identified him as aaron thomas. u.s. marshals arrested him at his home friday afternoon. >> i did not know what was going on. >> the neighbors were shocked to learn that he faced sex assault, burglary, and weapons charges in connection with 17 attacks, including 12 rapes in virginia, maryland, connecticut, and rhode island. investigators say dna evidence was crucial in solving these cases. about 12 cases have been linked by dna to the same offender. >> acting on a tip, the fbi put him under surveillance a couple days ago. >> we confirmed that thomas was the east coast. this. and among the 12 cases, an 18- year-old woman raped in these woods. residents who live across the street are grateful. >> that is wonderful that our technology can do this. it
has been given for secret operations on the ground. >> it appears at least publicly that the u.s. is stepping back a bit in its role regarding libya because nato forces officially took over today. but behind the scenes, the u.s. may be digging in even deeper. another day of difficult battles in libya meant challenging ones here in washington as well. top military officials were grilled by lawmakers, mad they were not asked to sign off on a libyan plan and worried about an escalation. >> there will be no good some ground. >> but they would not deny reports the cia has people there now and could not say if the u.s. plans to provide the rebels with weapons and training. >> discuss our plans if any regarding harming the rebels. they seem to be getting their butts whipped. >> we are looking at options from not doing it to doing it. >> the white house was also vague on the mission that has cost u.s. taxpayers more than half a billion dollars. >> we do not have a crystal balls and cannot predict when it will end. >> as for the prospects of ousting muammar gaddafi there are si
heightens the defiant mood of loyalists. >> as the u.s. strains under a third military operation in the islamic world, nato is preparing to take over command from the no-fly zone. this comes hours after a french flame -- a french plane hit an airplane in the no-fly zone. a day earlier a f-15 crew was down by mechanical failure in eastern libya. >> we saw his flair on the ground. we got eyes on his position. >> but the rescue crew says recovery was a moment of triumph and disaster averted. >> we had him in sight and said we're going to go in. >> while the libyan government says they are complying, the un security council says libya is in violation. >> they have claimed they have instituted a cease-fire. we see no evidence that is the case. >> the u.s. general who has been overseeing the effort sabre -- said he would have liked to have had more time to prepare. >> he was slaughtering his own people and you can't stand by. by that time, it may have become a moot point. >> a wave of democratic revolution is still sweeping the region. in yemen the nation's top general st
will get their gas from other states. >>> federal officials are banning the sale of profits that are used to make a spice. the state dropped its illegal -- the fake drug is illegal, no matter how it is produced. >> there are several stores a year in adams morgan that carry the so-called fake pots. one of those is a this newsstand. the manager told me at 8:30 this morning, they were pulling it off the shelves. spice looks like tobacco. these are actual herbs sprayed with chemicals. packaged and sold, it was legal to buy until today. >> many of the stores in this city have continued to sell. >> decoders to get off the shelves in december when the drug enforcement agency first announced it would ban these chemicals. the effects are being studied. it continues to be popular on many college campuses. >> it is interesting that it was banned. >> it is pretty new, so they have not done a lot of testing on it. for now, i have no problem with the banning it. >> it is good for the economy. but there is something -- if there was something seriously wrong with it, it would have happened by now. >> as
address. rebecca cooper joins us now on what the president hopes to accomplish. >>> the president hopes to explain to his supporters and critics by libya is important to u.s. national security. the president was that a multicultural school in the northwest today when riot that he was asked why he was spending money in libya when the school spending is lagging. libya was not what he wanted to focus on today. >> i will be addressing this issue tonight and i have already addressed that on several occasions including on your program. our involvement is going to be limited, both in time and scope. >> voters say they need a president to better explain the u.s. involvement. >> i want to hear from him why he feels is necessary to send troops over there. >> we are still boosting military spending but cutting all of these important programs, so i feel it is a problem. >> as the fights ray john, there are complaints from republicans and some democrats -- as the fighting rages on, there are complaints. on the ground, rebels are cheering. gaining strength that thanks to the air strikes by coalition
. >> two families were left without their sons. the u.s. is still investigating. >> we're looking into his relationship with others. >> he is held on two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. his father said, "americans are our friends and they have helped us. i can never agree with what has happened." >> we now turn to the latest in a crisis in libya. president obama has authorized military planes to fly toward the african country. evacuation planes could leave as early as friday from the u.s. military air base in germany. many people have fled libya and are stranded in tunisia. >>> late today, and then may be revealed the results of a tense and a good -- a tense investigation into risque videos aboard a navy ship. >> the investigation singles out those up the top, the men responsible for maintaining order on board. officials say they were the source of the problem. one captain has already been relieved of his command. another 32 on board, including officers, will receive less punitive disciplinary letters of caution in their permanent files. >> it was on board the uss en
management is not commenting. police say she used a hammer to kill her co-worker jayna murray, and had no accomplice. investigators are looking through surveillance video and telephone records. >>> the indicted states and its allies are patrolling a no-fly zone in libya after announcing a no-fly zone. muammar gaddafi vows vengeance. the purpose of the mission is not to remove gaddafi but to cripple his troops. >> it is being called a massive and impressive display of firepower, one so forceful that many question whether it can be contained to simply a humanitarian mission. by 3:00 eastern libya announced tripoli was once again under attack. gaddafi tried to strike back, but the anti-aircraft guns are no match for the attack force. this is because of the un resolution to protect lives and not to end the regime. >> we're going to stick to the mandate. >> the joint chiefs chairman appeared on the sunday news shows to say this is strictly a humanitarian mission. he does -- that was emphasized by the u.s. commander in africa. >> our actions are focused on extending the no-fly zon
of the biggest headlines and the pressure is mounting. u.s. ships and submarines unleashed eight impressive brajah of missiles. amid those renewed efforts to end this conflict quickly. >> what at times looked like a ragtag band of rebels is getting more serious backing. leaders from 40 countries met in london today and many agree it is time to get rid of gaddafi. >> a new beginning is within our grasp and we must help them to seize it. >> while outside demonstrators begged for continued intervention. secretary clinton met twice with a representative. >> we cannot and must not attempt to impose our will on the people of libya. we can and must stand with them as they determine their own destiny. >> more u.s. and nato military action. 22 u.s. missiles launched just today. your home, there were calls for clear-cut goals. not a long term standoff. >> we want him gone. whether it is to live with chavez or hitler and stalin. he should be in a criminal court. >> gadhafi should leave libya. >> what it means for the country is unknown. would democracy take hold? leaders say they do not know enough ab
headquarters. you can see that he is wearing a green in jail jumpsuit. what sources are telling us is that with regard to the suspect there may be some psychiatric issues, mental health issue with the person arrested in these murders. an 81-rolled man was found shot to death in his home on friday. -- an 81-year-old man was found shot to death in his home on friday. on monday a 41-year-old man was shot and killed on a street in downtown as he walked home from his job at a subway restaurant. both complaint week -- completely seemingly innocent. there was tremendous concern and the community about these cases. police did not officially link them but were exploring the possibility of a link between them. and now they're saying the cases are linked and have made an arrest. one person, we saw him. he is a male suspect. as we are telling you now come sources are telling us that there are probably some mental health issues with the suspect. police are going to announce more details coming up but 6:30 and certainly coming up at 11:00 we will have all of the information for you.
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. they need labor concessions. >> we have a very thin margin in our medical practice and we use it to invest in the hospital. >> pickets continue with no resolution in sight. both sides remain in disagreement over a new contract, they do agree that once this labor dispute is resolved, there likely will be friction between the nurses that went out on strike and those who showed up for work. >>> a major step forward today for same-sex marriage in maryland's greg they voted in favor of the same-sex measure -- marriage bill. the senate has already approved the measure. gov. martin o'malley says that he will sign it. >>> a positive sign that the economy is turning around. the unemployment rate had dropped to 8.9%, the lowest rate in nearly two years. there was a hiring spree last month. experts say business and retailers are expanding. they warned, however, the recession is not over. >>> conducted on a story that we first told you about at 5:00. a man has been rescued from this side of the new york high rise. the men were on a broken and suspended scaffolding there for an hour. the arrested man h
. >> mission launching ships are available should the president use them to attack military aircraft, bases, anti-aircraft. >> this cabdriver is watching gas prices and wants help. >> profit is being taken away with us with -- from us with this. >> this is a total overreaction of. >> one is a deal by rebels giving gaddafi immunity. >> they are encouraging his departure. >> there is nothing stopping him from climbing on an airplane and leaving libya's of his people can have a better tomorrow than they have today. >> meanwhile, opec, the organization of petroleum exporting countries, is considering a boost in production. saudi arabia has offered to make up for their output which could help to ease any spike in prices. from the satellite center, scott thuman, abc 7 news. >>> most of the east coast is on the storm watch tonight. rivers are expected to crest close to 10 feet. rising temperatures melted feet of snow forcing residents out of their homes and even more rain is expected later this week. the next storm system will impact our area as well. chief meteorologist doug hill is in the weathe
royal possibly 1-3 inches of snow. for us, nothing like that. the moisture is just beginning to approach, across kentucky and tennessee. we will not see the first snowflakes until about midnight tonight. we will talk about the exact snow totals for the district and what we can expect for the upcoming week. i promise that we will look for warmer temperatures on the way. pamela? bu>>> the other top story, the death of a trailblazer. geraldine ferraro, the first woman to run for u.s. vice- president, died this morning at a boston hospital. >> geraldine ferraro made history in 1984 when she was chosen as walter mondale's running mate. >> this is not just a simple, it is a breakthrough. it is not just a statement it is a bond between women all over america. >> she was not only the first woman to represent a major party on the national ticket, she was also the first italian american to do so. best known for her political achievements both before and after politics, she had a long and noteworthy career in public service, starting as a new york city schoolteacher, earning a law degree from fordh
is not buying it. this 28-acre parcel has always been intended for educational use. and those impacted the most were not even given a voice. >> we ought to engage in conversation and come to this up front. not come to a conclusion in advance and tell residents what you're going to do. >> the biggest concern would be the traffic because there is so much traffic right now. >> county officials say they do plan to meet with residents, but not until the school board at hands over the plans. >> much of the east coast is cleaning up after another powerful snowstorm. parts of upstate new york got 30 inches of snow today. many areas are recording their highest snowfall on record. we were out of the scene of prince william county where you can see that van is stuck. the fire and rescue crews responded, but did not find anyone around. they believe it was just abandoned. it >> fortunately, lidge was isolated. wednesday night and thursday there may be more measurable rain. looking out live from our rooftop camera. the son said at -- the sunset add 7 of 6:00 p.m. a couple of rainfall totals for the stone --
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